Tomás Palacios' Group @ MIT

Advanced Semiconductor Materials and Devices


Our research interest is in the field of advanced electronic devices based on compound semiconductors and nanotechnology. By “advanced”, we understand the use of radically new concepts and a multi∗disciplinary approach to both improve already existing devices and to fabricate completely new semiconductor-based micro- and nano-systems. These devices will help the introduction of Electrical Engineering in numerous new fields, including its next frontier, its interaction with biological systems.  In the links below, here are the recent projects under Prof. Palacios laboratory. 

Group’s publications

You can find below our group’s contributions to the 2020 Microsystems Conference at MIT (MARC). They will give you a good idea about the research topics we are currently pursuing.

First Demonstration of GaN Vertical Power FinFETs on Engineered Substrate (A. Zubair)

Polarization switching in highly scaled ferroelectric MOS capacitor (A. Zubair)

Cryogenic GaN HEMT for Application in Quantum Computing Electronics (Q.  Xie)

Learning human-environment interactions using scalable functional textiles (Y. Luo)

GaN Vertical Nanowires with Self-Aligned Gates for Field Emission Applications (P.-C. Shih)

SynCells – Electronic Microparticles for Sensing Applications   (M. Hempel)

TCAD Simulation of Vertical Diamond Fin Devices  ( J. Niroula)

Simulation and Analysis of GaN CMOS Logic (N. Chowdhury)

High performance 2D material devices for large scale integrated circuits and power electronic applications ( J. Zhu)

Multiplexed Graphene Sensors for Detection of Ions in Electrolyte (M. Xue, Y. Luo)

Vertical Gallium Nitride FinFETs for RF Applications ( J. Perozek)

GaN Electronics for High Temperature Applications (M. Yuan)

High Sensitivity Mid-Infrared/Thermal Detectors (E. McVay)

First Demonstration of GaN CMOS Logic on Si Substrate operating at 300 C (N. Chowdhury)

100 nm Channel Length E-mode GaN p-FET on Si Substrate (N. Chowdhury)

Ionic Analog Synapses for Deep Learning Accelerators (K. Limanta)

Our research is partially funded by:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology DARPA
Office of Naval Research Air Force Research Laboratory
Department of Energy National Science Foundation FCRP